Tibetan smells incense sticks [25pcs]

Tibetan smells incense sticks [25pcs]

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Effective and high quality incense sticks that make the environment soothing and magnificent.

Jasmine- Everyday use of this aroma gives a peaceful environment which boosts confidence.

Lavender- Surround yourself with naturalness.

Musk- Creates an environment that makes you feel agile and boosts stamina.

Rose- When this aroma kindles, it creates a refreshing aura that helps in obtaining mental peace.

Sandalwood- Regular use of this aroma gives a healthy cooling environment and helps attaining mental peace.

Tuberose- Making use of this aroma regularly encircles you with pleasantness that helps in acquiring peace.

    These incense sticks from India can be used to clean the air indoors. Good to have in your household.


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