Dinge, die Sie vielleicht brauchen



Take fresh fruits or vegetables and make your own healthy juice. The vitamins are still alive and you know what is inside the juice.


Seedlings and glasses

Sprouts contain a lot of minerals.


Glasses for fermentation

Fermentation is basically putting vegetables in salt water. The bacteria eats the carbohydrates. More vitamins are produced. Most know is probably the Sauerkraut. These ones let the carbohydrate out of the bottle, but don't let oxygen in. Fermentation does not need oxygen.


- Minerals

- Tea



Daylight lamp

For the darker months of the year when there is not so much sunlight. These lamps produce light similar to the sun. It lightens the mood.

- Candles

- Buddha statues

- Air humidifier

Air purifier

Cleans the air in the room. Some of them kill bacteria as well.

- Pillow


Wellness & Skin

- Body lotion

- Face cream

- Massage oil



- Yoga mat

- Balancing ball or mat

- Gymnastics ball

- Stretch tape



- incense

- essential oils


Back pain

- seat cushion

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